Hair of the day (HOTD)

Hi Guys,

 Here are a few pictures of the hairstyle I wore today, a curly twist out on natural hair. To see a step by step video on how I achieved these curls, hit the Youtube video below.

Products Used

- Baby Butter Creme as a leave in
- Lottabody to set the twists (2 parts water, 1 part Lottabody)
- Crisco to seal

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  1. Looks beautiful!
    I have seen a lot of people using setting lotion for styles lately. Does it cause your styles to last longer?

  2. Hairolic says:

    Thank you Brittney :) The setting lotion aids in giving a firm (but not crunchy) hold, so my hair doesn't frizz, get a more defined pattern and the style lasts longer.


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