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I used to spend hundreds of pounds on products when I first decided to go natural, most of that money went on shipping and custom fees as I used to buy most my products from the USA. Five years ago it was quite difficult to find natural products that our sisters across the pond would use within the UK, but since then things have changed dramatically.

Natural hair care products have never been more popular, and thankfully due to the high demand there are now a few UK based companies that sell natural hair care products.

Below you will find some invaluable links to where you can purchase American products within the UK saving you time and money. Yippie!!

1) (has an extensive range of products including but not limited to: Bee Mine, Hairveda, MYHoneyChild, Miss Jessie’s, Curl Junkie and Darcy’s Botanicals)

2) Jane Carter Solution range, Curls line, Curl Quenching products)

3) (Sells a range of their own natural hair care and skin care products)

4) (Sell a range of simple natural hair care products like shea butter and oil infusions)

Alternatively if you want to try your hand at making your own products a great starting point is here Akoma sell a wide range of natural ingredients such as silk peptide, wax, butters, emulsifiers and more. The ingredients can be used to make simple butters, conditioners, shampoos, leave in conditioners and skin care products.

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