Handmade Natural Vanilla Whip

Everyone loves making their own body butters, but as we all know a moisturiser must contain water to truly provide moisture whether it is for your hair or your skin.

Body butters are great and will always be included in my skincare regimen, but so will my handmade body whips which are a mixture of water, exotic oils and rich indulgent body butters.

I’ve decided to post a few pictures of the process

This is the body whip after I have combined the water, aloe vera juice, oils and butters

I then double whip the lotion to create a light, airy indulgent body whip

In a few weeks I will be looking for some testers to try my body whip, if your interested send me a email to hairolic@hotmail.co.uk. You must over 18, live in the UK and willing to pay for P&P

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  1. Nice!

    P.s nominated you with an award!

  2. Hairolic says:

    Which award did you nominate me for? I'm very grateful.

    Thank you :)

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