Manestream Beauty - A Natural Event

Manestream Beauty are holding a Natural Hair event called ‘Cut Colour and Style’ and the event is exactly what it says on the tin, you can go along and get your hair cut, coloured and styled all at the same place.

Its on the 27th November, I won't be going as I live im Birmingham. If you live in the London area, It sounds like an amazing event to go to!!!

Remember….don’t forget to have a patch test when getting your hair dyed. For tickets visit

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Sourcing Products Within The UK

I used to spend hundreds of pounds on products when I first decided to go natural, most of that money went on shipping and custom fees as I used to buy most my products from the USA. Five years ago it was quite difficult to find natural products that our sisters across the pond would use within the UK, but since then things have changed dramatically.

Natural hair care products have never been more popular, and thankfully due to the high demand there are now a few UK based companies that sell natural hair care products.

Below you will find some invaluable links to where you can purchase American products within the UK saving you time and money. Yippie!!

1) (has an extensive range of products including but not limited to: Bee Mine, Hairveda, MYHoneyChild, Miss Jessie’s, Curl Junkie and Darcy’s Botanicals)

2) Jane Carter Solution range, Curls line, Curl Quenching products)

3) (Sells a range of their own natural hair care and skin care products)

4) (Sell a range of simple natural hair care products like shea butter and oil infusions)

Alternatively if you want to try your hand at making your own products a great starting point is here Akoma sell a wide range of natural ingredients such as silk peptide, wax, butters, emulsifiers and more. The ingredients can be used to make simple butters, conditioners, shampoos, leave in conditioners and skin care products.

Competition Winner Announced

I would like to say a huge sorry for the delay in announcing the competition winner. I used the website to randomly choose a winner.

Here is the competition just to refresh your memory as its been so long

So finally after long last the winner of the Vaseline Cocoa Butter range is *drum roll please* ……… YouTube Username: mzbonitap.

I would like to thank everyone that participated in the competition, and remember to subscribe to be notified of future competitions.

Sleek Storm I-Divine Palette

In recent years Sleek has disassociated their brand from the ethnic market of which they had previously dominated and now produce a range of products suitable for European, Asian and Afro-Caribbean skin tones.

Sleek is now a universal brand and has been a major hit in not only England but across the pond to. Sleek's popularity has dramatically increased in America which has been aided by the brand being a phenomenon among beauty Gurus on Youtube. Sleek now have an eCommerce site ( where you can purchase items and have them shipped directly to you, which is a great option if you don't live in the UK.

Sleek make-up is easily accessible (available in most Superdrug stores) and the main thing? It is affordable. It's great to finally see a British based company leading the way and providing products that won’t break the bank whilst still maintaining quality.

After the rave reviews I decided to give Storm Eyeshadow Palette (RRP £6.49) a try which contains twelve strong and rich shades perfect for accentuating the eyes and creating natural looks

The palette is presented in a sturdy case which is the perfect size to pop in your handbag, additionally the compact mirror embedded within the case makes it even easier to touch up make up throughout the day.

Before using I spritzed my elf eye shadow brush with Mac Fix Plus, this simultaneously intensifies the pigmentation of the eye shadow whilst creating a creamy consistency. If you don’t have Mac Fix Plus, don’t worry just use a drop of H20 [water xD]!

This is the final look I created which is a soft elegant blended look with a touch of off white in the tear duct area to give the illusion of wideer eyes. I am especially impressed with the ease at which this eye-shadow blends and the intensity of the colours.

This particular palette has a few colours which resemble some of Mac Eye Shadows, so if you’re on a tight budget this month definitely opt for Sleek!

Overall, I give this product a 10/10 this product is affordable, quality and lasts all day without smudging whilst giving you a vibrant shimmery professional colour.

Handmade Natural Vanilla Whip

Everyone loves making their own body butters, but as we all know a moisturiser must contain water to truly provide moisture whether it is for your hair or your skin.

Body butters are great and will always be included in my skincare regimen, but so will my handmade body whips which are a mixture of water, exotic oils and rich indulgent body butters.

I’ve decided to post a few pictures of the process

This is the body whip after I have combined the water, aloe vera juice, oils and butters

I then double whip the lotion to create a light, airy indulgent body whip

In a few weeks I will be looking for some testers to try my body whip, if your interested send me a email to You must over 18, live in the UK and willing to pay for P&P