Birthday Nails

For my birthday (which was last week) I decided to treat myself to a new pair of “gel nails”. I rarely get my nails done professionally, and have only previously had one set of acrylic nails ... yes one pair in 23 years you can just imagine my sheer excitement.

I opted for the gel option as opposed to acrylic nails becuase I have read the latter is more damaging to your own nails. Unlike the acrylic technique, with the gel overlay no glue is used only a light coating of gel that is sculpted to your own nails. Although it looks like a very easy technique, it is actually the hardest for a nail technician to perform.

I decided to complete my nails with a French manicured look of which I wasn’t too keen on. After a few days I decided to dip into my nail varnish collection and choose a vibrant pink nail varnish by Barry M to spruce up my nails.

The question is though, which nail do you prefer

1) The classic manicured look
2) The Bright Bold nail, that even Barbie would be proud of.

Part One: I asked, you answered...

Intrigued by the surge of women embracing their natural texture I decided to turn to the social networking site, Youtube, to undercover what it is about natural hair that has united and brought together millions of women from across the globe. “follow” this blog to ensure you don’t miss parts two, three and four. .and don’t forget to repost this to Facebook and Twitter.

Youtuber: Jesusislove150

QUESTION: Whats aspect of textured hair do you love the most?

ANSWER: I love that its the hair that God gave me, that it is unique, the curl pattern, the way they feel, the texture, the fact that I can do so much with my about you? thanks for the got me thinking.

Youtuber: StormyHair

Question: hat aspect of natural textured kinks and coils do you love the most..and most importantly why?

Answer: Analytical thinking... Honestly, I'm a sucker for it all! The hair, the life, the style, the responses....the list goes on! Good question♥

Youtuber: Trashagal

Question: Do you think you will remain natural for the rest of your life, if yes why?

Answer: I would love to stay natural,i've been through enough chemicals and my hair keeps breaking off and i keep doing the bc and start over again.. i dont see the need to put anymore chemicals ever again.