Snap, CRACKLE, Pop!! Barry M Instant Nail Effects

Barry M have recently added two new nail varnishes to their range; Barry M Instant Nail Effects in PINK and BLUE (both £3.99, Superdrugs). I opted for the pink colour as I am a girly, girly at heart!

I think the concept is fascinating, you simply apply the nail varnish over a colour of your choice, and watch as your nail varnish snaps, crackles and pops!

For a fun, fresh and funky nail that is unique and different, definitely give Barry M Instant Nail Effects a try! If you are from the USA, OPI has a similar range.

1) Use Barry M Base Coat & Top coat to prime the nails and create a base between your nails
and the polish (this prevents your nails turning the dreaded orange colour)

2) Once dry, apply the chosen colour of your choice as the “base colour”, this is the colour that will shimmer through the crackles. I opted for Barry M VIVID Purple (£2.99, Superdrugs)

3) Once dry, repeat step two.

4) Now the time has come to snap, crackle and pop. Use your chosen Barry M Nail Effect, and apply a thin layer over your “base colour”, and watch in anticipation as the unique pattern is created before you very eyes

5) Apply a coat of Barry M Base Coat & Top Coat to prevent cracks and chips ...and your done! Enjoy your new nails!

Where to buy online:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=3f25acabc71a30e&biw=1280&bih=619

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