Bargain of the day – Black Kelly Bag + Charity Shop Tips

If you have an eye for a bargain, charity shops may just be for you. They are great places to pick up one of classic vintage pieces. Throughout my years of “charity shopping” I have brought some breathtaking vintage pieces from stunning clip on earrings (my ears aren’t pierced) to unique cardigans ... all at an affordable price. Today I picked up a 1950’s Kelly Bag for the low cost of £2.49!!

This season Kelly bags are very popular and are now even more accessible for the masses, especially as low cost fashion chain Primark have started selling Kelly inspired bags, but why pay more for a replica when you can get the real deal cheaper.

The main things to remember about “charity shopping”

1) You must search for the good items, they won’t be at the top of the pack waiting for you, you need to shift through the stacks of items to find the hidden gem

2) You won’t always find the pieces of your dreams, its hit and miss but don’t give up perseverance is the key

3) Don’t be embarrassed to go into a charity shop, there is a massive misconception that charity shops are for the poor which is incorrect, charity
shops are a profitable business and all proceeds go to a good cause

4) If you find something you really love and think it is way too cheap, pop an extra £1 or so into the charity tin next to the till

Happy “Charity Shopping”

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  1. Tomi DF says:

    i love charity shopping! you get good quality stuff from there.Nice buy!.xxx

  2. Hairolic says:

    You most certaintly do, thanks for commenting :)

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