When a professional colour job goes wrong

With the summer month approaching, I decided to take the plunge and get a “professional colour job”. I searched the internet and found my ideal colour – warm browns and blondes jumped at me through my computer screen.

I instantly fell in love with the colours, and as I am not a professional colourist I decided to go to a salon which was recommended to me.I had not stepped foot in a salon for over four years and was rather apprehensive about the “procedure”, especially as I knew to achieve the colours I desired bleach would have to be used to lift my dark brown hair.

I explained to the colourist what I wanted and also showed her the images of my desired colour. As she applied the highlights to my hair, I sat in anticipation, awaiting my dream hair!

In this case my dream did not match my reality - it was not even close. As the colour was washed of my hair, I dashed to the mirror excited to see my new summer colour, what stared back at me was devastation and shock.

The colours as you can see are not even close, I had to wear my hair to work and was highly embarrassed (event though I am smiling), but rocked it with confidence!

I was going to rectify the problem myself, but after much persuasion from my friend who had initially recommended me (she has been going to her for 30years) I decided to let her correct the problem (free of charge), although I did tip her £10 for her time.

I had a rinse (demi-permanent colour) applied to my hair which rectified the problem, and now my hair resembles the initial image that I showed the hairdresser. The only downside is in eight weeks, when the rinse wears off, I will be left with the brash blonde that is lurking underneath thus will need to re-apply the rinse.

The moral of the story, for me at least, is to ALWAYS have a consultation prior to colouring AND insist on a strand test, if one hasn’t been offered by the salon. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, your hair is precious, so don’t be blinded by the need for instant gratification as I was.