Banding Hair

Whether you are natural or relaxed, you shouldn’t automatically jump for electrical tools when drying your tresses. A great way to dry hair whilst eliminating potentially damaging tools such as blow-dryers is a technique called banding. As the name might suggest, the key tool for banding is a simple hair elastic band (Image Below)

The purpose of the elastic band is to stretch the hair as it dries. So, on wet apply your leave in, mouisturiser and sealent. When hair is fully prepared take sections of hair and begin banding the hair. For visuals on how to band, please refer to the video below.



Please Note: In the video it was my first time using the Goody Ouchless Elastic Bands. I was not impressed at all, BUT, after trial and error I have found that if I dip the elastic in oil first it prevents my hair from tangling around the little plastic part on the elastics.

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