My First Offical Outfit Of The Day

I’m spreading my wings in the blogging and vlogging world. Welcome to my first OFFICAL OUTFIT OF THE DAY =)
I love all things fashion; in particularly I love vintage accessories such as rings, mirrors bracelets and broaches ... and let’s not forget vintage bags and clothes!! My first official outfit of the day features my lovely vintage cardigan. From the 1950’s it has been beautifully preserved and thankfully fell into my hands and I will cherish it for years to come!!


Admittingly, when I first big cut I was in shock ... It’s sinking in. Today is the second day of my big cut and now styled I must say – I LOVE IT!!! It is easier to maintain that my long hair. To style, put in twists then bantu knots. Ideally, you will have at least 15 bantu knots to create luscious defined curls.
Check the video to see how it looks.

Lady Of The Moment: Esperanza Spalding

Whoever said afro hair wasn’t sophisticated obviously hasn’t met the lady of the moment – Esperanza Spalding, with her elegant tresses she oozes sophistication.
Recently, Spalding won the Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards and we expect to hear great things from her in the near future

Float into a peaceful haven with the heavenly tones of Spalding

Willow Smith

At ten years old, performer Willow Smith has débuted her second single “21st Century Girl” on Oprah. The ever courageous Smith worked her magic and delivered an astounding performance. I sense she has a long lucrative career ahead of her. Also, for people who followed the likes of Cassie and now want to grow in there hair, Smith is leading the trend and conrows appear to be the way forward to grow in your shaven tresses.

For those that missed the peformance, here it is

Oscars: Jennifer Hudson Dazzling On The Red Carpet

I think our Jenny looked stunning at the Oscars, not only has she got a figure to die for, her hair and make up was stunning.

Her make up (and new diet) added in her skin looking iridescent. If you have a special event coming up or are dying to recreate this phenomenal look check this make-up tutorial from Destinygodley on Youtube

In addition, I must mention the queen of the red carpet, Halle Berry. Unsurprisingly, despite her recent troubles, the ever professional Berry sparkled once again on the red carpet. Her figure hugging dress complemented her svelte figure perfectly.

Buckingham Palace!!!

Although I am from England, when recently visiting London I couldn't help stopping of at the Buckingham Palace. I felt like a right tourist, snapping away at Buckingham Palace and the Queens Guards. I had a fantastic day ...Knowing most my subscribers and blog followers are in USA I thought you would enjoy seeing it so, here are the pictures and video.

Want More? Of Course You Do ... Heres Some Hardcore Footage

Creating Curls On Pressed/Relaxed Hair Using Flexi Rods

I love flexi rods! They are great for creating heat less free curls that last all day long.Done believe me? Check my curls all created using flexi rods.



Banding Hair

Whether you are natural or relaxed, you shouldn’t automatically jump for electrical tools when drying your tresses. A great way to dry hair whilst eliminating potentially damaging tools such as blow-dryers is a technique called banding. As the name might suggest, the key tool for banding is a simple hair elastic band (Image Below)

The purpose of the elastic band is to stretch the hair as it dries. So, on wet apply your leave in, mouisturiser and sealent. When hair is fully prepared take sections of hair and begin banding the hair. For visuals on how to band, please refer to the video below.



Please Note: In the video it was my first time using the Goody Ouchless Elastic Bands. I was not impressed at all, BUT, after trial and error I have found that if I dip the elastic in oil first it prevents my hair from tangling around the little plastic part on the elastics.