Hair Strands of a Natural Hairolic!!!

Yes, I’m in love and addicted to my hair thus the term HAIROLIC ... but there are some things I’m not addicted to. Due to the nature of naturally curly hair it has a tendency to curl back upon itself and tangle which is where single strand knots come into play ... The image (image one + image two) shows a single knot strand of which I recently cut from my hair

Image One

Image Two

If you look closely you can see a single strand knot (SSK’s) on each strand. After cutting all my SSK’s (about 1-2inches) a few days later they were back with a vengeance!!! I later realised why ... my hair was dry from colouring it plus the cold winter weather was taking its toll on my hair ... So since then I’ve been sealing my hair with Crisco!!! YES CRISCO .. I’ve been using it on my ends only after I moisturise and my SSK’s have dramatically been reduced ... So before getting cutting defiantly give Crisco a try what have you got to lose?

Braid + Curl [Pics]

This is my most recent style, I love it. I will be doing a YT tutorial on how I did it soon.

You do lose ALOT of length with this style, but its great if you don't have natural wash and go curls like me, but want some curls!!!

Competition Details and video with hairstyle: