My First Post: A Little About Me

I have a confession ... Im a Hairolic!!! I'm addicted to everything that's hair related. I can truly appreciate the beauty of relaxed, texturized, curly permed transitioning and of course ... Natural hair. I love the versitility my natural hair has given me.

Im from United Kingdom, Birmingham to be exact. I don't see many British bloggers ... I hope I may begin to pave the way for more natural British Hairolics to come out the wood works.

My Hair Stats

Hair Texture: Natural 4a/b, I big cut in 2007
Hair Length: Current length is APL (Arm Pit Length), After a few set backs and major cuts
Styles: I love wearing protective styles such as weaves, braids, twists or my own natural hair in a bun

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I'm a 4a/b hair british girl. l'm transitioning to your tube and blog.

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