Humble Beginnings: My Big Cut in 2007

I big cut (BC) in 2007, 23rd May to be precise. As a young lady I had mixed feelings on one hand I felt very liberated and free on the other I felt very lost in terms of how to style, what to use and how to care for my hair. Along the way I have learned many valuable tips and tricks and also found products that work well for my 4a/b hair.

The BC is a very personal choice. Some shave totally bare, some transition for a long time and some, like me transition for a short period of time. I didn't like my limp, lifeless, un lustrous strands. My tresses had no body, no length no zest for life ... It was dead. Time for a change.

Finally the AHHHH!! Moment came to me!! When I was younger my hair was long, healthy and thick. Why? Because I didn't relax! I Let my hair be how god intended  ... wild and care free ... that ladies and gentleman  is what I strive for today.

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